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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again

Well pards it has been awhile since I have lit up the telegraph and addressed the masses. Seems the post Gettysburg "hangover" was a long one this time. Good thing the 145th Anniversary only happens once every 145 years.

Since the big Gburg event, life has been pretty much filled with sleep, white russians, planning for Chickamauga and shooting at the bank reposessors. From there I moved on to my work with the Foundation for Future Adjutants and, of course, my attendance as a key note speaker at the Annual Adjutant's Convention in Las Vegas.

All this leads up to our upcoming event at Cedar Creek. No big command, only the Corps, no big commitment, just a good end of the season event where we can all come together for one last good time. I am looking forward to a break from the real world.

Good news for Cedar Creek is gas prices in my end of Valley have dropped quite a bit in the last week. I don't know what you are paying in your part of the world (haven't been able to afford to travel much lately) but we have seen prices in the $2.80's, just in time for the event.

Taking a look at what we have done since Gettysburg. We had very good reviews for Gburg both from the Corps and from all other parties involved. Having been involved in many of these big events, I was amazed at how smoothly things went on the command and event sponsor levels. When a problem arose it was take care of quickly. The only major incident came after the event. Immediately after the event news spread around the internet about a news report detailing a fight breaking out during Pickett's Charge. I personally investigated the incident and spoke to the parties listed in the story and their Union counterparts. All reported they saw nothing and no injuries were accounted for in their commands. It appears the story was simply a use of "literary licence" by some one who should have his licence revoked.

The planning for Chickamauga became more of a nightmare than anything that could have been thrown at us at the event. Our biggest hurdle was the prospect of $4.00+ a gallon gas and people, flatly, not being able to afford to go. The Corps tried to help by making charter bus travel available, however, we were only able to get 12 people interested in filling a 40 person bus. We set up a web page to arrange for carpools but no one took advantage of that. Perhaps if things get harder in the future this type of service may be more of a help to the membership. I would like to thank Eric Powell and Bill Russell for their work in planning the bus trip.

"General" Russell and Rick Miller procure a ride back to camp at Chickamauga.

General Cornett sent Capt. Bill Russell, 47th Va, to command the Corps. Attendance was reported at about 125 for the Corps. General Russell commanded a brigade made up of the Corps and the Hardee Guard Battalion.

The event hosts treated us well and the Corps even had an opportunity to march in parade for dignataries, including Vice President Dick Chaney. The battles proved a good challange and riding into battle on the train was a unique experience.

Ask anyone who has reenacted as long as I have about doing events in the deep South and you wouldn't get a good response from most. Recollections of events such as "ChickaMUDDA" and demands that we galvanize for half the battles kinda leave a bad impression in our memories. From the sounds of things at this event and the friends we have found in the deep South, we may have to consider more events in that theatre.

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Anonymous Steve Haden said...

Glad to see you back in the saddle TonY!

15/10/08 11:52 PM  

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