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Friday, May 30, 2008

A Role Model to all Reenactors

I was on my way to bed this evening when the last story on the news announced the passing of veteran comic actor Harvey Korman. Truly this is a passing that will reverberate throughout our community.

Korman gave us unlimited gag lines used at any event from such classics as Blazing Saddles, History of the World Part I and many others.

I recall a time when Chuck Hillsman was giving an inspiring speech to the staff before a big anniversary event. He told us, "these are heady times for us all," to which several of us quickly replied, "that's Headley!"

So here's to Harvey Korman, Go do that voodoo that you doo so well.

Harvey Korman Circa 1998 during the filming of
The Adjutant Never Sleeps, The Tony Zusman Story
pictured with Korman, Raul Zapata as Phil Gomez,
Slim Pickens as Waverly Adcock and Slick E. Bouy as John Wagstaff


Anonymous Waverly Adcock said...

hurummmphh harrummphh harrumph.

I didn't get a harrummph out of you!

30/5/08 12:44 AM  

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